Eric Bauer provides dynamic interactive sales training seminars for companies looking to both educate and movtivate its sales and marketing personnel.  His seminars have proven to positively impact salespeople's effectiveness and increase their respective close ratios.

Four training programs are currently offered:


"Getting E_Smart"...“Business owners and managers often confuse marketing with sales, using the terms almost as synonyms. In fact, marketing and sales are distinct arts.”

I see the sales representative becoming appreciably more of a marketer in 2010 and on. It is incumbent on them to invest in professional development to keep their skills up-to-date. It is incumbent on the companies they represent to provide them NEW tools and training and equip them with new sets of skills that are now necessary for everyone’s success and involvement.

Getting E_Smart is a program whereby you are consistently putting your agency and the company(s) you represent in front of your customers (and potential customers) with exciting, dramatic and extremely visual E-Newsletters, including Invitations, Advertising, Promotions, New Introductions, Holiday and Seasonal Greetings. The first half of the presentation demonstrates how to utilize these resources to create efficient marketing campaigns. The second half of the seminar explains the impact social media has made on businesses and how to incorporate your marketing message effectively in social networking platforms.

"Customer/Client-Based Marketing" ... The Art of Selling People the Way THEY Want to Buy, Not the Way YOU Want to SELL

In this 45-minute to 1-hour session Bauer combines Tony Alessandra's "Platinum Rule" with the fundamentals of NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming).  Eric Bauer simplifies complicated personality concepts so that people learn quickly how to recognize their customer's strengths and to tailor their presentations in such a way as to pull their customer in by selling (speaking) to those strengths.

"Internet-Based Marketing" ... The Art of Navigating the Uncharted Waters of B2B Commerce

In this 45-minute to 1-hour session Bauer provides not only a peek into the future of selling to the trade, but also pertinent information and the "how-to" information necessary for sales representatives to make the leap to the 21st Century. "At this point in time, I find it remarkable that buyers are willing to take the time to see so many sales representatives and to look at all their lines.  The larger stores today and the smaller stores tomorrow will opt for a more efficient means of meeting with their suppliers' sales representatives in a fraction of the time and at tremendous time and cost savings to both the buyer and the seller," says Eric Bauer.

"How To Close the DEAL, Before the Sales Process Begins"

In these sessions Bauer illustrates the analogy between sales and dramatic acting.  Borrowing a line from one of his seminar participants, Bauer says that to be an effective salesperson, one has to grasp the reality that ... it's SHOWTIME and that salespeople need to recognize the importance of turning in dramatic performances. Bauer remarks, "I often hear sales representatives, when discussing an upcoming market, talk about how they hope that the market performs well for them.  Well, markets don't perform for us, rather we have to perform in order to ensure that our factories and our retailers have a healthy market. It's an old Zig Ziglar proverb and it's true"

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